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Download our free printable coloring book PDF downloads for hours of coloring fun. Print out a full free adult coloring book or pick and choose the prettiest. Flower Mandala Coloring book 30 Pages - Printable Pdf - Blank Mandala Designs to Print and Color, Adult Coloring, Coloring sheet. Printable Adult Coloring Book Page, PDF Mandala Coloring Book Page, Meditation Art Mandala Design, Instant Download, Digital Drawing.

You'll find pages like Enjoy a vacation getaway from the comfort of your own home, or color these pages while you're relaxing on the deck after a day of swimming. From sand buckets to beach umbrellas to swordfish and more, browse this beautiful PDF collection with the click of a button.

I recommend checking out the back cover, pictured at the end of the PDF. The colors are so stunning that design Carol Foldvary-Anderson has used in her design, and the page will surely inspire you to test out new coloring techniques you've never tried. You'll approach the front door and view a lovely fall wreath. You'll sit down for a meal and take in a beautiful fall tablescape. As you move into the backyard, you behold a garden with sunflowers blooming and an abundant pumpkin patch.

[PDF] Mandala Teasers Coloring Book (PDF)

I'm not going to do that. Part of that is due to the paper quality that you will get, because it's not as thick as a traditional publisher might be able to do. But generally, people might want to cut out that image. If you've got an image on the back of that, they're then having to sacrifice an image.

But instead, I'm having to enjoy half of them. You're essentially destroying what's on the other side. So I'd say definitely do one sided because then people can cut them out, present them, or they don't have to choose, at the very least, between what's on both sides.

Following on from not drawing into the spine, all the edges of the page, because people struggle to color it all in. Again, going across both pages as well. There's nothing more lovely than opening up a coloring book to here to see this beautiful double paged spread but you can't color at the middle of it.

It's really annoying for people, so don't do it. This also is a practical application that you have to think about when you're designing it, because ultimately, what you're doing after you've drawn the artwork is trying to figure out what the end consumer of that product wants.

I'm giving it to them. You have to stop thinking like the artist who's drawing the images and start thinking like the colorist who's gonna color them, and what do I want to sit down and do when I open my coloring book?

I'd say that also, going back to what I said at the beginning about making sure you've not got too much positive and negative space, make sure that you've got a range of complex designs. Some people, sometimes, they just want to color in a really big space because they can't do with all the detail.

And other times, that's gonna really annoy them and they want to get into the little nitty gritty bits. So if you give them the variety of designs where they can do one or the other, or both, then people are going to be a lot happier. It's not complex. The last thing I've tried, which seems to work quite well, and I'm not seeing any other coloring book do this, is using a tester page.

Right at the front of my books, I put just a blank page with sort of an invitation to scribble on it. They can just go and do it on that page. I'm sure most people have a spare piece of paper, but if not, then again, you're giving them the solution right there. It's about trying to, if there are any problems, fix them right in your book.

Joanna: On that, do you write anything in the book? Do you have like a welcome page or anything about you, the artist, like, an end message? What do you actually put in the book, apart from images?

Meg: Yeah, I do all those things. I hope you enjoy it. Things like that. If they haven't thought about it, you might give them a nice idea. She's caring about what me, the colorist, wants. You actually care about their enjoyment of the product and this is about their enjoyment, really, because coloring is a luxury, I suppose, and a therapy for some people.

So if you make them feel like you care about them, then that increases their enjoyment of the book. Joanna: Yeah, which is fantastic. Just behind the theme there, because I just remembered. Of course, a lot of people do this for therapy.

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Joanna: Yes. This is what I was going to ask you. I know they also have adult coloring book on the front as well. What have you found are the best kind of ways to do that?

Is it literally…because everybody's got calm and mindfulness and all that. Meg: I know, right? Joanna: You know what I mean?

Is it just a case of fitting into that niche at this point? Basically, what you're trying to do with your title is, think, what's going to get me noticed on site? This is where you sit and type into the search bar in site all the things that you can think of with coloring, and you can pick up on the keywords that are going to come out, and that's what you try and stuff in your title, any keyword.

And you stuff in the keywords and all the rest of it. I would say, yeah, as much as they're overused at the moment, go with them, because that's what's going to get you noticed. That's what's going to get you selling. Joanna: Absolutely. You can't avoid this type of thing. Essentially, it's a non-fiction book. I mean, weirdly, it is a non-fiction book, and we know that you have to have keyword titles for non-fiction.

Meg: I've seen them ranked in some bizarre category, honestly. Joanna: Hypnosis or something. Meg: Exactly, yeah. I think both of mine are top ten or something like that in self-help, but it is a self-help book.

So that's why it's helpful to rank. Joanna: Yes, in fact, I was thinking about this, because I think my dad is going to be an English country garden, house and garden type of thing. It's very gardeny in English. That could go into a gardening category. It doesn't have to go in coloring books, does it? That's the thing, it can go across genre as such. Meg: Yeah, the only thing you're limited by is the codes, really.

There are some other ones that I would like to get into but because they don't have a code for it, I can't get into them. Like the coloring books for adults category, it doesn't have a code, or it didn't the last time I checked.

Which sounds ridiculous, but you kind of have to work with what you've got. But yeah, you could definitely get into some really obscure niches. Joanna: It's interesting. Obviously, this is a coloring book, so it doesn't make sense to have an eBook version. But do you have an eBook version anyway? Because then you can get into these other categories. Meg: I would say, no to an eBook because if you do it, for example with KDP, what you're actually going to be giving people is a book that they can't print and they can't color.

So, it's more of a viewing piece, which I suppose might be quite nice, but it's not really the point of it. The point is a coloring book. The way around that is to do a print your own copy. For example, I stumbled upon payhip. So people are getting a good bargain. People can print as many copies as they want, so, obviously, they can get quite a good value from money of that. They handle the VAT and all that kind of thing.

So that's the way around it, but then you're off the mainstream platforms like site. So you're really using your own popularity and… Joanna: Yeah, you have to have a well trafficked website, really, for that. Meg: Yeah, absolutely.

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I don't particularly market. Joanna: Let's talk about publishers, because my thought was CreateSpace, which is great, is still not the best. As you said before, it's not the best paper quality.

The number one best selling coloring book, which I also have, the Johanna Basford one, Secret Garden. Meg: Oh, I know. I have it, too. It's beautiful.

Joanna: Yeah, everyone has it.

60 mandala coloring pages | Kaleidomania: Printable Adult Coloring Book | PDF

That's why it made half a million pounds last year. The paper quality is exceptional, isn't it? I don't think there's any bleed with even thick coloring pens. But we can't do that because it's way too expensive to be able to produce a book like that. What investigations have you done around paper, and what have you ended up with? Meg: It's really hard because you have to choose between the two cons.

You either get the product that you want with zero distribution and you sit on 2, copies, and try and sell them.

Which no one should do really, because it's just really a bad idea. There's CreateSpace, obviously. They have the one paper choice between cream and white. That's it. That's the thickness. If you've handled any paperback book, that's the thickness of paper you're working with. It's suitable for coloring crayons and water base paints, but alcohol markers, you'll struggle with. I really like alcohol markers. They are the most versatile, which is really frustrating but they bleed on this paper.

So you have to compromise there. I did also look at Ingram Spark. Now, that was more to get into book stores because the first thing I thought was, coloring books are everywhere. I don't want to be limited to site.

I want to be getting into my local book shop, my local independent store, that kind of thing. CreateSapce, you'll struggle with that because the publishers cannot get the margins that they want, and you cannot get the margins that you want simultaneously. I thought, maybe I should consider Ingram where they can give the book shops the margins that they do want to persuade them to stock them. But when I went into the bookshop — and this is well before I published.

This is probably just over a year ago — just to see what coloring books they had in. There was the coloring book artist who had made like half a million dollars or something self publishing for site. I think I've got it written down somewhere. Janine Morrison, that's it. It's quite clear that you can do it online only, but there isn't really a way to do it. I'm getting to book shops and have that quality product.


It was the same. Joanna: Yeah, that's the thing. Like you say, you have to make that choice at this point. But have you had complaints or bad reviews around paper quality that have affected sales, I guess? We all get bad reviews, so that's not an issue. Has that happened? Meg: I think I just had the one. That was what I had to do. I reflected that accordingly in the price. So, where does the market lead us RRPs are about 10 pounds over, minor priced at five pounds or thereabouts.

And to reflect that, you are actually paying for a more budget product, and I think that's been well received. I think people, prolific colorers perhaps I should say, appreciated the fact that they can download and color, and it's not going to break the bank.

It's just this one review that I've had about the poor paper quality, and that's it. And I think by putting that stuff upfront about testing, like, people haven't ruined some of the pages. So that's really super. Also, you have square, don't you?

Coloring Pages for Adults

How is that? Why did you choose square rather than a different size? Meg: In the second book, I chose circles, to be honest. I might do triangles next. The illustrations that I was doing fit a square quite nicely, whereas the illustrations in the second book that I've done fit a circle quite nicely.

So it was just going with the flow. Joanna: The print size you did was a square rather than more of a book shape. Meg: Oh sorry, yeah. Again, it was just the illustrations that I was doing. They looked quite a lot nicer as a square rather than a rectangle, so I thought, rather than creating a rectangular book with a square image in the middle, I would be better just creating a squared book.

But there are some people who do A4, that sort of ratio height to width book. And they work quite well too. You've got a bit of versatility to choose what you want to do with them, to be honest. Joanna: Fantastic. I'm just trying to think of what else we have. We talked about the pros and cons of indie in terms of if you get a traditional deal for a coloring book right now, you could have that really great quality but it might take six months to get out there. What are the other pros and cons of indie, have you found?

Meg: I think the key one that you've just mentioned is speed to market. Indies have definitely got the edge when it comes to that. I mean, Johanna Basford is releasing her next book in, I think, this August it's scheduled for. By that time, I'm hoping I can put three more out. I think there seems to be a common thing, but indies are trying to push the boundaries.

I'm going to sell it for a year. I've got this book ready, I'm going to publish it now. These books are really easy to create.

Once you've actually done the illustration, the formatting is so simple that you could literally upload the formatting to CreateSpace. I think the record that I've had is, I've uploaded it on a Sunday morning, it's been on site by mid-day, and I've had it in my lap on a Tuesday, which is amazing.

Joanna: It is absolutely amazing. Of course, you mentioned the distribution to book stores. I am considering looking into Ingram Spark, but I'm kind of with you in the even if you end up going with Ingram Spark and you pay for the best quality you possibly can, then your royalties are going to be very small with the discounting and everything.

And then plus, you probably still won't be able to get the quality of a Johanna Basford. Meg: It is really difficult, yeah. Joanna: That is tough. What I'll probably do is, order a couple of different price points and see the quality. I think that's the aim here, isn't it? We also have a lot more of versatility as indie, so we can push out a lot of different products as well, which I think gives us a great edge. So, we can still be putting out quality products. All right, paper quality is not the most fantastic, but as far as the actual content goes, we are up there.

We can be just as good as all the other people who are publishing them. But we can also create more diverse products.

So this is something that I'm using to diversify my income streams. Meg: Sounds like a stock broker. This is my second coloring book, which is the Calm coloring book. I also brought this out as a diary, and this has been really successful. This actually outsold my first coloring book in December, by far.

And I actually got a better margin on this. So that's quite nice. I also brought it out as an A4 notebook as well. Both of these have all the illustrations that the Calm coloring book do, but they also have the extra benefits of, in this case, it's got notebook paper about pages worth. You may not assign this Agreement, by operation of law or otherwise, without our prior written consent.

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Meg: I know. Check back for new downloads every few months or so. Something worth saving?