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He is tired of "giving white envelopes" to officials but has no other choice.

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Raghav, now a journalist, exposes the corruption-funded college and is eventually fired from the newshouse. Raghav starts his own newspaper, Revolution , to "change the world" and expose the corrupt system in India. After another expose, Raghav's newspaper is shut down by politicians and thugs, and he loses almost everything.

Raghav is still passionate about his activism and forgets about Aarti. They are still unmarried.

Aarti and Gopal reconnect and often meet after work in coffee shops and other places, unbeknownst to Raghav. Gopal books a hotel room in the same hotel that Aarti works.

Gopal seduces Aarti who returns his love, giving in to years of suppressed feelings. Aarti falls in love with Gopal, and begins to cheat on Raghav.

Gopal then decides to disclose to Raghav that him and Aarti are a couple. Gopal goes to Raghavs office but a chance encounter with a poor farmer and his kid who had come to Raghav for help shakes him up and he realizes the folly of money, power and wealth. He decides to let go of Aarti perhaps realizing they were never meant to be together and Raghav would always remain Aartis love. He with the help of politician invites two prostitutes as a part of his birthday surprise and ensures Aarti witnesses it, making her hate him forever.

Editorial Reviews

He anonymously helps Raghav get a job, and suggests he become a politician MLA to bring about the "revolution" he desired. The fact of the matter is that it does not work at all.

I hated Radhika Mehta with such burning passion, were I to meet her in real life, I would slap her. More importantly, however, especially with respect to this book, I would like to talk about feminism. Feminism isn't a switch one can turn on and off, you know, Mr.

So imagine my surprise when our feminist female protagonist decides not once, but twice, to quit her job because the douchebag that she fell in love with turned out to be a Do not write about issues that you cannot comprehend, Mr.

Do not write about women when you don't know the first thing about them. Actually, you don't know the first thing about humans, so there. And I repeat, as a feminist myself, feminism isn't about trashing men, it's about empowering women, so don't you dare give us feminists a bad name! And seriously, if I have to read about the girl's side adjusting one more time, so help me god! Why, in a book that you claim to have feminist undertones would you repeatedly put that?

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And I repeat again, leaving your groom at the altar, on the threshold of marriage, after you agreed to marry him does not a feminist make. Before you write your next feminist novel, Mr. Bhagat, I would recommend that you actually read up on it beforehand, rather than conjuring up your own convoluted views on it.

Tell me, was this to make up for the immortal words of your previous book? You know, the whole "deti hai toh de, nahi toh kat le" which roughly translates to "give me your virginity or fuck off" drama?

You get a LOL for effort, Mr. Let's talk a little bit about the plot, or lack of it, rather, shall we?

So Radhika dated this Debu for two years before he dumped her because his fragile male ego couldn't handle her being more successful than him. I mean, she came to his apartment to propose to him and tell him she was quitting her job, and he had his dick in another woman.


Are you telling me he suddenly realised that hey, he loves her after all and flew halfway across the world to woo her on her wedding day? There is more drama in this sentence than there has been in the last three books I've read, and would you believe, it gets worse. So she moved to Hong Kong after her stint in New York, and fell in love with a married man with whom she "made love, crazy, crazy love" to for almost a year.

And then he dumped her because he wanted her on the side and not as a wife, because she wasn't "wife material".

Guess what? He also flies all the way to Goa to woo her back. What bullshit!

It gets worse because she considers leaving her groom to be for these two dick for brains, ya know, for old times' sake. Well, she does leave her groom, but to find herself or some baloney. The situation here being this steaming pile of shit book.

And Radhika, like you say so yourself, I did not like you. However, that was not because of your money, or your active sex life, or your opinions.

English To Marathi Translation

How shallow must you think we are to not like you for such superficial reasons? No, Radhika, see, most Indian women of your freedom, education, and social standing are as rich, as sexually active, and as opinionated as you are.

That their opinions make more sense is of course why we like them. I did not like you because you were a shit person with shittier opinions.

The 3 Mistakes Of My Life

Opinions that you only spouted when they suited you. You believed in feminism when it suited you. Where was this feminism when you wrecked another woman's marriage?

Don't blame it on the man, you were equally responsible for it, you horrible, horrible woman. I'm not even going to venture into talking about the writing in this, because that would lead to intense and very expensive therapy for me.

I will, however, leave you with some gems; make of that what you will.Aarti and Gopal have been childhoeep but platonic relationship. Trending Searches. All I can say is that the Indian crowd has grown up, Mr. Raghav starts his own newspaper, Revolution , to "change the world" and expose the corrupt system in India.

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