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Darrell, Sally, Gwendoline, Mary-Lou and all the other girls from the First Term at Malory Towers are now in the second form and they are as lively as ever. Brief Summary by Julie Heginbotham: Darrell Rivers is looking forward to her new term in the Second form at Malory Towers and meeting up with her friends. Second Form at Malory Towers [Enid Blyton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Darrell and her friends grow together as they share their.

Full Review This may contain spoilers : Jo Chambers' Review After four terms in the first form, Darrell is promoted to the second form, along with most of her classmates. There are several new girls in North Tower and Darrell is eager to size them up. The first and most promising of these is Belinda Morris, a scatterbrain with a great talent for art. Belinda instantly makes friends with Irene, the forum's other scatterbrain and musical genius, and the two are very bad for each other!

For the first time Gwendoline finds a friend in the spoiled but charming Daphne Millicent Turner. Daphne regales the girls with tales of great wealth and claims never to have been to school before. Most of the girls are bored by her snobbery but Gwendoline is delighted to have found such a grand friend. Ellen, a scholarship girl, causes some ructions during the term with her bad temper. When they all are in their dormitory that first night, they find out that there are three new girls.

They are: Belinda Morris a girl who has a great talent in art , Ellen Wilson who earned a scholarship and is extremely serious , and last, but not least, Daphne Millicent Turner an envious girl who befriends Gwendoline Mary Lacey, another spoilt, envious only child. She is believed to be very wealthy indeed.

Alicia Johns, who was top of their form last term, becomes jealous because she is not even in the running for the head of the form she is not chosen because of her hardness.

Daphne is a poor student with no aptitude for studies and games. Gwendoline Mary Lacey the spoilt, selfish, conceited, and snobbish girl of the form is very much impressed by Daphne's wealth, prettiness, and gracefulness. While Daphne's French is poor she is desperate for help but won't take any coaching from the two French mistresses. Little Mary Lou who is timid, shy, loyal and kind, offers to help her without realising that she did Daphne's work for her.

Gwen becomes jealous of her friend's attention of Mary Lou but Daphne tells her that she is just using Mary Lou but this is not entirely true because Daphne likes her. Ellen worries herself because of her work which is not as brilliant as she would like. It is revealed that Ellen comes from a poor family and she had worked extremely hard during the holidays to win the only scholarship that could take her to Malory Towers.

Alicia and her best friend Betty Hill from West Tower feel restless and decide to play a trick on their singing master Mr Young. They rub invisible chalk on his piano seat and when he gets up a bright pink pattern is shown on his suit.

They are begged to play the trick again but this time Darrell writes the word "Oy" on the French mistress Mam'zelle Dupont's seat. The next excitement is the French plays. The girls are not excited about this because both the Mamzelles produce them and had quite different ideas.

Mamzelle Dupont wants her favourite Daphne to play both of the lead parts in the plays. Daphne charms Mamzelle Dupont by charming her beautiful smile which gets her out of trouble by most of her teachers except Miss Potts, Mamzelle Rougier and Miss Parker.

Mamzelle Rougier dislikes Daphne because of Daphne's under the handed character and poor quality of work. I really like this series! I really like all the characters even gwen!

I love how this story is all about the power of redemption and courage , I wish that more stories nowadays were written with the same amount of love! This story definitely has a life if it's own! It's still relatable even to today's standards! Hanya halaman tapi cerita Enid seru dan kaya. Banyak tokoh dengan karakter uniknya, yg membuat mereka berbeda dengan yg lain. Isu isu yg diangkat dalam cerita ini sangat relevan dengan kehidupan sekolah pada umumnya.


Dec 06, Eline rated it really liked it. Deze boeken zijn gewoon zo heerlijk dramatisch, haha. Mar 16, Blueeeeme rated it did not like it. Individuality killer. Rereading this was a great choice! Can't wait to read the next!

Finally, I read the original version of the book read: Enid Blyton has interesting way to tell story, and it's easy to read. Cannot wait to read the next one. Daphne, Belinda y Elena. Un nuevo curso comienza en Torres de Malory!!

Puedo entender que para algunos releerlos de adultos puede resultar aburrido o infantil, pero es que es tan lindo recorrer Torres de Malory: D todas aportan cosas muy interesantes a la trama.

Pada buku ini Darrel sudah naik ke kelas dua. Ia akhirnya bersahabat dengan Sally-Hope. Senang rasanya kalau berhasil mendapatkan sahabat di sekolah asrama.

See a Problem?

Saya sendiri jadi bernostalgia: D Buku ini bercerita tentang kehidupan sehari-hari Darrel bersama teman-temannya di Mallory Towers. Namun demikian, pada buku ini saya belajar dari Gwendoline Marry. Ia adalah anak yang lemah, sombong, dan tidak tahu diri. Nah, di buku ini diceritakan bahwa sikap seperti itu karena orang tua Gwen yang tidak kua Pada buku ini Darrel sudah naik ke kelas dua.

Nah, di buku ini diceritakan bahwa sikap seperti itu karena orang tua Gwen yang tidak kuat, khususnya ibunya. Ibu Gwen dan juga guru pribadinya selalu menangis tersedu-sedu saat Gwen perlu kembali ke sekolah asrama.

Ibu Gwen dan guru pribadinya juga selalu memuja-muji Gwen yang sebenarnya tidak ada hebat-hebatnya. Dari buku ini saya mengambil pelajaran bahwa ternyata, ibu sangat berperan ya untuk kepribadian seorang anak.

Anak yang kuat, dewasa, dan mandiri tentunya karena ibu memberikan cukup banyak kesempatan kepada anak untuk berkembang. Ibu perlu kuat untuk melepas anak sekolah di asrama, dengan tidak banyak menangis.

Wah, saya sendiri jadi ingat waktu dulu sekolah di asrama. Abi saya bilang, kalau orang tua tentu berat meninggalkan anak tinggal jauh di asrama, namun apa boleh buat, demi pendidikan masing-masing dari kita perlu kuat, saling mendukung, agar anak mampu belajar dengan baik di asrama. Nah cerita ini mendukung nasihat abi saya waktu itu lah kurang lebih: Jun 30, Gina Brooks rated it really liked it.

As a child, I was truly obsessed with this series of books! However, I wasn't really much of a reader, so opted for the audiobook version. When I stumbled across the second book for 49p in a charity shop last week I decided that I had to download it as I am now a pretty avid lover of reading compared to when I was younger.

Decided to give the book a read for nostalgic reasons and because the audiobooks are abridged, meaning lots of the little details have been edited out! I've seriously enjoyed rea As a child, I was truly obsessed with this series of books! I've seriously enjoyed reading this book, and getting to know the characters again and in more depth.

Although the audiobooks are great for young kids who enjoy stories but hate reading, you definitely get a better picture of all the girls' intricate and evolving friendships in written form, especially when it comes to those characters that play more of a background role, like Irene, Belinda, Jean and Ellen!

Have now popped to the library to borrow the rest of the series and see which bits I've missed out on all these years!! Feb 14, Emily A. I read the book Mallory Towers by Enid Blyton. I think that this book's strengths, were that the author really captured I read the book Mallory Towers by Enid Blyton.

Hm... Are You a Human?

I think that this book's strengths, were that the author really captured the school from many perspectives. Each student had an interesting and complex story and problem, that all tied together with the other girls. The books weakness was that sometimes, the author lacked figurative language where there could have been some. The author could have expanded on some phrases and sentences a lot more. Dibuku ke 2 ini, Darrell mendapat beberapa teman baru, Daphne, anak bangsawan yang luar biasa cantik tapi sombong, Ellen, anak pindahan dari sekolah lain yang memenangkan beasiswa untuk bersekolah di Malory Towers, dan Belinda, si jenius dalam menggambar, tapi memiliki sifat pelupa yang persis sama seperti Irene.

Sally terpilih menjadi ketua kelas semester ini. Tapi Alicia jadi cemburu dan selalu bersikap sinis sm Sally, dia menganggap seharusnya dia lah yang menjadi ketua kelas, bukannya Sally. Adapula cerita tentang perkelahian antara dua guru Prancis Darrell, Madam Dupont dan Madam Rougier yang berdebat saat menentukan peran dalam drama Prancis. Adalagi cerita Gwendoline yang berusaha keras untuk berteman dg Daphne, walaupun Daphne tdk begitu suka sm dia.

Pada akhirnya Daphne memilih buat bersahabat dg si cilik Mary-Lou yang baik hati dan setia. Secara keseluruhan semester ini penuh dengan kegembiraan.. Apr 10, Dayna rated it it was ok. The new girls in the form mix things up a little here, and I presume this will kind of be the format for the series as it moves forward. Much like the first book, it was okay reading, but nothing gripping or memorable.

Buku ini menceritakan kisah Darrel ketika ia berada di kelas dua. Darrel mulai semakin tertarik untuk ikut-ikut ulah Alicia. Namun kini ia sudah mulai bersahabat dengan Sally. Disini ia juga mencoba menyelami karakter teman-temannya khususnya yang sekamar dengannya di menara utara. Selain itu dalam buku ini pun banyak anak-anak baru yang langsung masuk di kelas dua.

Last Term at Malory Towers

Ada Ellen yang selalu sibuk belajar namun selalu mendapat nilai jelek. Juga ada Daphne yang cantik jelita dan sangat disayangi oleh Buku ini menceritakan kisah Darrel ketika ia berada di kelas dua.

Juga ada Daphne yang cantik jelita dan sangat disayangi oleh Gwendoline. Lalu bagaimana Darrel dan kawan-kawan menjalani semester baru yang menyenangkan ini? Sekali lagi kisahnya sayang banget kalau ga diikuti. Banyak pesan yang bisa diambil lagi-lagi dari buku sederhana ini. Darrel dan kawan-kawan masuk sekolah lagi. Mereka sekarang sudah kelas dua.

Dan ada murid-murid baru!

Belinda yang pelupa tapi pandai menggambar, Ellen yang pintar tapi ketus, dan Daphne yang cantik tapi menjengkelkan. Mary Lou yang penakut jadi pinter bahasa Perancis. Alicia nggak lupa dengan lelucon-leluconnya yang khas yang bikin sekolah jadi meriah. Sally jadi ketua kelas, dan ada beberapa konflik juga. Akhirnya banyak juga yang diceritakan tentang murid-murid lain di kelas Darrel. Ada Darrel dan kawan-kawan masuk sekolah lagi.

Ada Jean si anak skot, Irene si jenius musik, Emily yang suka menjahit, Violet yang pendiam, dll. Pengen lanjut ke buku tiga, tapi belum punya bukunyaa Oct 18, Deirdre rated it it was amazing. My favourite Malory Towers. I love Daphne's story, particularly the dramatic cliff scene. She's a really interesting character and it's a shame she featured so little in subsequent books.

Gwendoline Mary is also at her brilliant best here.The two girls thanked Miss Potts, and, nodding towards the unruly first formers, Felicity said, It seems strange to think that one of these youngsters will one day be Head Girl. Oh, please take it, Delia, said Alice, pushing her pudding plate towards the girl. The girls are not excited about this because both the Mamzelles produce them and had quite different ideas.

Alice, this is June, our school games captain, and her friend, Freddie Holmes. She felt certain that Felicity, who had known her family for years, would not come down on her too hard. Kritik saya bukan kepada pengarang atau ceritanya tapi lebih kepada penerbit Gramedia selaku yang menerbitkan ulang buku Malory Towers. Daphne is a poor student with no aptitude for studies and games.

And suddenly, the girl felt Daffys hand close round her wrist in a firm grip, there was a tug on her arm, and Violet felt herself being pulled towards the deep water.

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