Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics / Walter Greiner, Ludwig What makes Greiner's volumes of particular value to the student and professor alike is. Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics. Authors; (view affiliations) PDF · The Laws of Thermodynamics. Walter Greiner, Ludwig Neise, Horst Stöcker. W. Greiner, L. Neise, H. Stöcker. Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics. Series: Classical Theoretical Physics. ▷ Based on the highly successful courses .

Thermodynamics And Statistical Mechanics Greiner Pdf

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Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics - Walter Greiner - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics, and Quantum Mechanics. Pages·· MB· Downloads. and statistical mechanics / Walter Greiner, Ludwig. Greiner W., Neise L., Stocker H. - Thermodynamics And Statistical Mechanics. Metzli Minor. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can.

This would be more helpful, since some of the later derivations, e. Maxwell-Boltzmann are essentially classical in nature and could be arrived at from any of the formulas.

On the other hand I found Chapter 12 on the Grand Canonical Ensemble to be excellent, especially the discussion of the distribution of occupation numbers on p.

All in all, though, this would be good book with a little more care and with an appropriate reference list. If you get it, pay attention as you read it. Greiner does it again! The authors do an excellent job of setting up the necessary math and then comprehensively going over the concepts with you.

There is a lot of concepts in this text that are given at an introductory to statistical mechanics level for those who did not have an undergraduate course in statistical mechanics. It's relatively low level but it really helps you get the basics and it's very readable. It seems like a pretty good textbook. I have read a bunch of chapters and found above-average insight and relevant examples that have been good at clearing up confusion. Concepts are clearly explained.

What the student may like are the large number of worked examples.

Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics Texts

This is invaluable to have when you learn statistical mechanics for the first time. Most of Greiner's books are of a very high pedagogical value. True, there may be similarities with other texts, but hey, it must be difficult to present the same old classical material in a different manner.

Just a minor note: It is a necessary condition, but not sufficient. All this shows is that the form is "close" not exact. To prove that it is exact is a much more difficult task: This topic is covered in many elementary books on differential geometry..

Documents Similar To Greiner W. & Neise L. & Stoecker H., Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

One person found this helpful. I didn't end up using this text as a reference as much as I anticipated I would. I wasn't a huge fan of the structure or explanation, but I will be keeping it as a reference anyway.

It would be wrong to give it a five star rating, since it has too many elementary misgivings: There are inconsistencies in the notation, it's plagued with typos, and it doesn't give a list of additional problems, and references. On the other hand, its virtues highly compensate them. The book is very easy to read in general, provides a wide collection of examples and solved problems, and is an excellent introduction to statistical mechanics.

As the book says, it is written for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students. I really doubt that it is appropriate for students who first expose themselves with statistical mechanics, even as a reference.

This is because the book assumes certain familiarity with quantum mechanics and exposures to various applications like solid state physics and high energy physics. There are several things that I like about this book. It starts with thermodynamics. Most statistical physics books focus only on statistical mechanics.

I think it is important to see the linkage with thermodynamics for a physics student.

Also, the book discusses quantum statistical mechanics formally using density matrix. The motivation and explanation of density matrix are pretty well done.

Greiner W., Neise L., Stocker H. Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

This book serves as a great follow-up course for undergraduate statistical mechanics in my opinion. And I like the treatment of quantum statistics using canonical ensemble and then switch to the grand canonical ensemble. Such treatment provides a lot of insight, which is usually not well presented in other textbooks.

I rate this book 4 stars because I am annoyed by it at the same time.

As other people have noted, there are numerous typos. I think that the translation from German to English is problematic. Very often, I feel that the English is not exactly what it really means. Finally, the book provides a lot of so-called examples.

But does it? Such examples are discussed as part of the main text in other textbooks. For instance, the derivation of the Planck radiation formula spans like 5 pages and it is called an example. The last chapter is on the Ising model. Gilbert S.

Franz Schwabl, Statistical Mechanics, Springer Reviewed by Irwin Oppenheim in J. Boris M. Reviewed by Irwin Oppenheim, J.

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics - Walter Greiner

Toda, R. Kubo, and N. Text based on notes of Felix Bloch. Gregory H. Richard E. This book examines the latest developments in statistical mechanics in the context of physical chemistry. Related texts Daniel J. Dorje C.

Brody and Land P. Some Relevant Textbooks and Monographs: L.

Reichl: A modern course in statistical physics. Wiley-Interscience, New York Chandler: Introduction to Modern statistical mechanics. Oxford University Press Garrod: Statistical mechanics and thermodynamics. Greiner, L. Neise, and H. Stoecker: Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. Springer-Verlag, New York Plischke and B.

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

Bergersen: Equilibrium statistical physics. World Scientific I think I am going to examine the sections on density matrix over the next few days. site Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

Includes problems and solutions of thermodynamics and statistical physics. Toda, R. The Macrocanonical Ensemble.

This is particularly bothersome with regard to comparing experiment with theory. I wasn't a huge fan of the structure or explanation, but I will be keeping it as a reference anyway. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics.

Classical Electrodynamics Third Edition.