BUKU BAHASA INGGRIS SD KELAS preckalohotchning.gq Uploaded by Grade 2. 0 http ://preckalohotchning.gq Table of Content Table of Content . Buku Bahasa Inggris kelas 2 SD by tifani6rahma6sari. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Download. save. pdf. BUKU BAHASA INGGRIS SD KELAS . 2. ______ You must not listen to your parents. 3. ______ You must break the windows at school. 4. ______ You.

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Buku pelajaran bahasa inggris kelas 3 sd pdf - berikut ini adalah file sobat guru tentang Download Modul guru Pembelajar / yang. Download our buku bahasa inggris kelas 6 sd semester 2 pdf eBooks for free and learn more about buku bahasa inggris kelas 6 sd semester 2. Jun 05, Silahkan bagi adik-adik yang mau mendownload buku pembelajaran bahasa inggris sd untuk kelas 2. Download Buku Bahasa.

Hi, Tom. Hello Mandy…. I am planting flowers Mandy: I am watching television What is she doing? She is washing clothes What are they doing? They are playing kites Are you playing basketball?

Happy Sad Angry Sleepy

No, I am not I am playing football Is he study hard? Yes, he is Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 26 Practice Unit 6 Exercise 1 Choose the right answer. I am studying English a. Pink c. Orange d. Black 3. The sky is….. Are you sleeping? No, …………… a. I am not b. No,……… this is a purple rose. The color of banana is…. No,…… I am studying Math a. I am not The color of our earth is….. Drinking a cup of milk 2. I … singing a song 3. She…reading a magazine.

They… playing kites. She… washing dishes. Doctor…working in hospital. They…playing marbles 8. I … drawing a picture. We… reading newspapers. Father…writing a letter. Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 27 Exercise 3 Fill in the blank with am not, is not, or are not. Mother …. I… playing badminton, I am playing football. He… drinking milk, he is drinking a glass of syrup. They…running in the class, they are running in the yard.

Exercise 4 Fill in the blank the right answer. The color of sky is …. The color of chrysanthemum is ….. The color of leaf is …. The color of orange fruit is …. The color of strawberry is …. The color of vanilla milk is …. The color of elementary school uniform is ….. The color of chocolate is …. The color of blood is ….

The color of rice is …. Exercise 5 Sing a song Are you sleeping? Brother John…brother John… Morning bells are ringing… morning bells are ringing Ding dong ding… ding dong ding…. Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 29 Vocabularies Bodies Head: I am a boy I am nine years old I am tall. I am a handsome boy. I have a brown skin. I have two eyes, two ears, and one sharp nose. My hair is brown and my teeth are white.

Answer these questions. How old is he? What is the color of his skin? How many eyes does he have? What is the color of his hair? What is the color of his teeth? Read these sentences and practice it in front of class I can see with my eyes. I can smell with my nose. I can taste with my tongue I can hear with my ears.

Practice unit 7 Exercise 1 Choose the right answer. I can breathe with my…………… a. I can walk with my…… a. I have….. I have… hands a.

I have a black hair on my…. I use my watch on my… a.

I can kick a ball with my … a. I listen to the music with my … a. I type with my …. I have …. Toes a. Is Mary beautiful or …. My grandfather is old, but my father is still …. The boy is clever, but his friends are … 4. Is this class … or big? My bedroom is clean, but my garage is … 6. I have new dress because mother keeps the … one. The test is not easy. Kevin us a naughty boy, but Mandy is … girl.

The ribbon is long, but the rubber is … His house is … from here, but my house is near.

Monday 2. Tuesday 3. Wednesday 4. Thursday 5. Friday 6. Saturday 7.

Sunday Months 1. January 2. February 3. March 4. April 5. May 6.


June 7. July 8. August 9. September October November The day before Wednesday is Tuesday. Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 33 Conversation Jason: What day was yesterday? Yesterday was Sunday. Answer these questions based on this day. What day is it today? What day is it tomorrow? What day is it after tomorrow? What day is after tomorrow? What day was before yesterday?

I stay at home with my family. There are seven days in a week. Sunday is the first day and Saturday is the seventh day. Answer the questions based on the text above. Do you go to school on Sunday? What are the names of the days?

How many days do you go to school?

Are there twelve months in a year? Today is First of September Today is Monday.


Yesterday was …. We do not go to school on …. Yesterday was Saturday. Tomorrow is …. Tomorrow is Thursday. Today is … 6. Today is Sunday. Tomorrow is … 7. Tomorrow is … 8. This day is … yesterday was Sunday. Tomorrow is … Yesterday was Tuesday. Yesterday was … Today is Wednesday. Today is Friday.

Tomorrow is … Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 36 Unit 9 Television Answer these questions Do you have television? How many Televisions do you have?

Do you like watching television? What is your favorite program? How many hours do you spend to watch television? Andrew is going to the electronic shop. He wants to download a new television because the old one is broken. He chooses the big and tries to switch off the televisions.

He tries to change the channels, too. There are some buttons to set the picture on the monitor. After paying the price of the television, he brings it home with smile. He feels sure that his children are happy to welcome him. Answer the questions based on the text. Where is Mr. Andrew going today? What does he want to download? Why does he download a new television?

Are there some buttons on the television? Who are happy to welcome him?

Vocabularies Electronics Television: Wash the clothes! Switch on the television! Change the channel, please! Turn on the fan, Please Switch off the radio Study these sentences, the imperatives are in bold. The room is too dark Switch on the lamp, please. The radio is too loud. Turn down the volume, please. The program is boring me. Change the channel, please.

The weather is hot. Turn on the fan, please. I like the song on the Mp3 Please repeat it to me I want to listen it again Practice unit 9 Exercise 1 Write down the meaning of the following words.

Buku Bahasa Inggris Sd Kelas 2

Find in your dictionary. Switch on: Switch off: Exercise 2 Fill in the blank with the suitable words in the box 1. The morning is coming. Please … the lamp. The baby is sleeping. Turn off turn down channel switch switch on Turn on switch on turn down repeat turn on Do you like this program?

No, please change the … 4. I am sleepy. I am thirsty.

I am hungry. I am bored. Pada pagi hari, aku bangun dan mandi. Pada siang hari, aku menonton TV dan bermain bersama teman-temanku. Pada sore hari, aku membersihkan rumah dan menyiram bunga.

Pada malam hari aku membaca buku dan mengerjakan PR. Setiap pagi aku sarapan jam 5. Fill the blanks by choosing the word above! Answer the questions below!

Where do you sleep? Where do you eat? Where do you brush your teeth? Where do you watch TV? Where do you cook? Where do you brush your teeth? Where do you sleep? I sleep in my room. Translate into Indonesian! Where do you watch TV? Rooms in the house C. Where do you wash the dishes? Where do you cook? Where is the ball? Where is the bookcase? Where is the book? Where is the cat? Where is the dog? He is very tall. He is 40 years old.

I am a student.

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She is seven years old. She is a student in elementary school.

She is a housewife. I am going to introduce my family. I am nine years old. She is 35 years old. She is beautiful. He is nice and friendly. She is very attractive. My name is Carol. He is a student in junior high school. He is 16 years old. He is a dentist. What do you have for breakfast? I like it c. How do you go to school? Where do you have lunch? What do you do in the bathroom?

How is your mother? Thank you d. A table b.

Reading 7. What is he doing? She is fine b. Mother Brother Sister. She is sick 6. Up above the world so high. How I wonder what you are! How I wonder what you are.Synonym 3. She…reading a magazine. Read these sentences and practice it in front of class I can see with my eyes.

We have friends. Jasmine kindergarten 5.