He wasn't supposed to win,” Master Renn hissed. Siris could hear them talking in the other room of Renn's hut. Siris sat quietly, holding a small bowl of soup in. Infinity Blade Awakening. Brandon Sanderson PDF - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Infinity Blade: Awakening Pdf is available here. You can easily download Infinity Blade: Awakening Pdf, Infinity Blade: Awakening Pdf by.

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So the important thing to know about this story is that it's a literary connector between two Infinity Blade swords-and-sorcery video games, transitioning you from the end of the first game, when a young swordfighter named Siris has fulfilled his lifelong mission of killing the tyrannical "God King," to the start of infinity blade awakening second game, where I would guess Siris and his newfound frenemies go on a quest infinity blade awakening find and do more.

And maybe kill the God King for realsies this time. What's the point of this novella? Awakening Infinity Blade, 1 by Brandon Sanderson The infinity blade awakening takes place immediately following the conclusion of the first game. The God King has been slain and the people are rejoicing in their new found freedom. Siris, the young man who slew the God King, arrives home with the Infinity Blade expecting to find his village in the midst of celebrations. Instead he is banished from the village, the village leaders fearful that the God King's Deathless brethren will be seeking both the Infinity Blade, and vengeance on their fallen brother.

With nowhere to go, Siris vows to protect his people by seeking out and destroying as many Deathless as he can find. That's about it for the story - it's not terribly complex, not a lot actually happens, and it doesn't really resolve anything, leaving almost every plot thread open to be resolved in the second game.

And yet Sanderson manages to flesh out a 40, word novella from this premise infinity blade awakening is quite compelling from start to finish. Seeing his face unnerved the daerils. The blade had some kind of magic that had let the God King summon it. Bring them to the throne room.

Yes indeed! You have slain our ruler. Finish what you began. That would be suicide. What had his mother meant by that? That seemed a good enough reason to him to keep the helmet off. So far. He inspected the Infinity Blade as he waited. His mother had told him stories of magic mirrors that asked riddles. Only then did he remember the little mirror built into the armrest of the throne. Please enter the pass phrase. Poking at the thing made it speak. Something chirped beside him. It was a word for a master duelist.

The daerils that guarded the castle had all followed the old precepts. He poked at it. It was magical. The thing had done. Siris jumped. It was the answer to one of the riddles from the stories. What was the name of your first and most trusted Aegis? Please answer this security question: In what kingdom did you first meet the Worker? Horrific and terrible though they had been.

Security question three: How many days passed before your first reincarnation? The shadow lumbered forward. Something moved in the shadows. Can you tell me how I can be free of all this and live my life? Can you answer that for me. Siris sat up. The waiting period is one day before the next access attempt. This younger beast moved like an animal.

He shivered. Kuuth wore a strange robe that had the right shoulder cut out. Even stooped with age. They are knowledgeable about some things. The aged one. The other daerils parted for him. They are like children.

Had the God King used the souls of children themselves to create these things? The legends said that he feasted upon the souls of those who fell to him.

I assume? Siris scooted a little farther away from the mirror. Am I to assume that they referred to other members of the Pantheon? Mistress of the End. He said that someone—or something—would come hunting me. I do not know where. I met a man in the dungeon who claimed to be my ancestor. Others whose names I do not know. I wish to attack one of the other Deathless. He doubted the Worker was real. It is said that nobody knows. Do you know where I should search for them? And then. Each will be angered by what you have done.

Perhaps the Killer of Dreams? You travel to the north. Whom would you suggest? This is an odd request. But then. One who is very powerful. Perhaps serving the Deathless granted men immortality? Was that why one who had come to kill the God King would instead choose to serve him? Siris knew so little. I have others.

He is not part of the Pantheon. What were those creatures in the dungeon? They seemed. Siris reminded himself. Before I lost my eyes. He immediately took a grip on his frustration and shoved it down. Where had that outburst come from? Do you know anything. The ancient troll stood quietly.

A sudden flare of annoyance rose in Siris. I saw the God King use it to sling fire as well. A troll is not meant to reach ages such as I have. Kuuth chuckled. I fought him. Why would you do that? It is growing difficult to stand in my age. That would stop a younger troll from killing me and taking my honor. I was wounded many years ago. And our way. At times. I wonder at what I did. It also made the younger trolls see me as lame and blemished.

He only came to the castle on occasion. But a destination. I wished to speak more softly with you. I have thought many things. Like a metal pole set up high to draw the lightning when it comes. Perhaps these thoughts will be of use to you. No maids. Most of the denizens of this castle do not think about the future. You see.

Great master. It is a terrible and wondrous thing. The God King was but one of many who name themselves Deathless. They do not age. Chop them to pieces. You have the weapon? But if one of them were to gain access to a weapon which could finally threaten them. They are immortal —truly immortal. They need neither food nor water to live. You mentioned its magic before. The Deathless have lived for thousands of years. Each Aegis or daeril who knows that a mortal slew one of the Deathless. My kind were created to die and to kill.

All will likely be destroyed. It is the method commonly granted to skilled Aegis who have acquitted themselves well. The others. First of immortals. Many of the Aegis in this castle are golems with deadminds controlling them. Just in case. They will consider it an honor. We might be able to face the others. Why do you say that phrase that you did? Will you stay? Rule here. Making a stand here. If he was going to survive. I suppose we are not. Siris considered it for a long moment.

Better the pains of hell than living in heaven beneath the Deathless. As a child. I will slay him. They were daerils. He may not have had a childhood. Siris dodged before he even understood why. If not. Speaking these words. You and the other daerils are to remain here and guard my castle. Siris threw himself to the side. A click from behind. If he was an enemy of the God King.

He was leaving these creatures to die. But he did have something to show in exchange for that loss: Making a quick decision. A single figure in dark clothing had dropped on a rope from one of the upper windows of the vaulted chamber. The pain was nothing. He pressed one hand to his cheek. Siris sighed. He remained still. Something sliced his cheek. Those would probably be the source of the attack. His shield was on the table a short distance away.

Sleek and dangerous. The creature pulled a long. How many assassins were there? He needed his weapon. He doubted he had time to grab them. It had the characteristic mask on its face. They had not been pleasant. In case of an emergency. Here we go. The creature promptly lowered its sword and raised something from within its coat—a slender. His foe studied him for a moment. He had expected the God King to kill him.

The healing effect was immediate. As he did so. Hell take me! He had no choice now. That was a simple cut. This was not how a proper duel was supposed to go.

It lasted only an eyeblink. His skin grew clammy. He grunted. He yanked the small bolt from his thigh. He felt a burning on his finger as the magic was expended. The creature fired. Siris came up. The healing rings sped up his body in a twisted way. Siris gritted his teeth. He came up beside the table and grabbed his shield. Though they made him heal quickly—wounds scabbing over. The assassin raised its crossbow again. The creature yelped in a quite undaerilic way as Siris dashed out from behind the dais.

His fingernails had grown long. As near as he could figure. He peeked around the side of the large throne. He hated healing. He ducked low and jumped in a roll. The enemy scuttled away. The assassin was slinking along the side of the dais toward him.

The more he did it. He moved across the room back toward the throne dais. It made for good cover. A little peckish? You know, like something has pecked you? Taking notes? I expected lightning, thunder, earthquakes. Instead I got facial hair. Siris almost laughed. She thought he was the God King! At that moment, she leaped out from behind her pillar and leveled her crossbow at him again.

And she was not unattractive, with long black hair that she kept in a simple ponytail. But her eyes spoiled it. Those were grim and hard. A massive, hulking thing of sparks and darkness broke its way through the far wall, tossing down chunks of rock. Great, Siris thought, turning toward this new foe—though. That would likely earn him a crossbow bolt between the shoulder blades. His armor was good, but she obviously had an enhanced crossbow built to punch through the best steel.

The newcomer stepped into the room, the beautiful marble tiles crunching and cracking beneath its feet. Siris was half-afraid the tower floor would fall out from under them. They were at the highest point in the castle, and the drop would be deadly.

Most of the daerils fled, though Kuuth retreated to the side of the room.

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The ancient troll rested on his staff, head cocked to listen. The machinelike monster took a pair of crunching steps forward, and then another one just like it followed through the hole the first had made, knocking pieces of rock to the ground.

Great, Siris thought. He made a snap decision, then attacked forward, intending to try to defeat one of the monsters before he could be overwhelmed. The assassin had been waiting for that move, however, and took a shot at him as he charged. Siris had to lurch to a stop, letting the bolt shoot in front of him, then awkwardly raised his shield to block a blow from the first golem. At the same time. One on one. Siris grunted as he blocked another blow from the golem.

One foe in front. Siris cursed. He met its blow with his shield. He breathed out. The golem attacked again with a crash. Siris felt as if he knew how he should stand. He leaped to the side in time to dodge yet another crossbow bolt. The second golem was rounding to his right. She was fast with those reloads. Siris climbed to his feet. He cursed. Too far for him to reach without exposing himself to the now-close golems. Siris hit the marble floor with a grunt. He groaned. His head rang with pain.

His arm felt numb. Without his armor. His hand brushed the throne as he moved. The golems were coming at him slowly. The Infinity Blade rested on the marble floor a short distance away from the throne.

Siris growled and his vision returned. Dared he heal again? He glanced at his ring. He could barely feel his shield arm. The sword. That was when he realized both hands were empty.

He could feel the ground shaking. Please enter the password for activation. Were they leaving with her? Where was the other golem? He found it by following the sound of its footsteps. New injection available in seven minutes. Siris hit hard on the other side of the dais. She looked up at Siris and smiled a toothy grin. The room shook. Currently rebuilding injection from ambient compounds.

And on the slender figure crouching beside it. If they kept bashing holes in the walls. I killed him! The other golem glanced back at Siris. She reached the window. As did the golems. Then she leaped out of the window. They were chasing her. She just wanted the sword. She was never trying to kill me. One began beating the wall down with its fist. Siris realized. But it is the only weapon that can kill them. The only weapon we could ever use to fight back. Am I really just going to let it go?

He froze in place. Siris touched his palm to it. If she took it to one of the other Deathless. He scrambled up the rubble-strewn steps to the throne. The default is to spread your. They probably had the place under surveillance. Then started running. It had been mostly destroyed. In case I returned. Leave him alone. Siris glanced at it. He would seek freedom. From outside he heard a distinct—and very aggravated— yell of annoyance.

Performing the summoning will bring one to the other. Sweating in anxiety. You must keep the transportation ring on your finger. There was a small metal disc there. He tried to pry it loose. He transferred it to his shield hand. His hands flashed. Both golems spun on him. Sparks erupted around the blade as Siris—still in motion —moved past the golem and struck from behind at its other leg. All right. Siris tapped his fingers together twice. Siris ducked forward.

The first golem swung a sword the size of one of the palace doors. The disc hit and stuck. He hurled himself off the dais. The blades crashed against one another. The first golem—the one that had lost its weapon—was staring in stupefaction at its empty hands.

Its passing stirred his hair. It looked up at Siris. Siris jumped to the side. I can work with this. The golem teetered and dropped with a crash. He came up on his feet. His wounded hip still ached. He rounded on the two golems. He focused only on the fight. Siris skidded on the marble. It was trying to move. The monster spun. It smashed to the floor. Siris dodged a fist. The gigantic monster loomed above him. With a quick duck.

Siris ripped the blade out. The flash of light from the disappearing helm blinded the creature.

Siris took a deep breath. Both golems fell still. It walked in a crouch now. Siris dodged backward. Grinding sounds from behind gave him warning that the other monster was—incredibly—climbing to its feet.

It lurched. The golem turned to go after the blade. Siris spun. Siris slammed his blade down through its back. By reflex.

The window was empty. Kuuth and a few daerils were waiting there. Strix yelped. He followed the voice. In it. He played with a knife in one gauntleted hand. Too grand for my mind to comprehend. Which one does she serve?

His query to his deadmind ledgers had returned no results. Who is she? The God King moved his other hand across the input pad on his armrest. The boy was quick-minded. That one button-push remotely wiped all the memories. Or Vist?

Both coveted the Infinity Blade. He needed more redundancy there. In moments. The cameras had to be turned off too. That was just as well. The God King stood up. Good thing. The boy and the girl were no longer trying to kill one another. In doing so. The Killer of Dreams. He pushed the button on his input pad. She had to be a minion of one of the other Deathless.

The God King could make out no sound. Isaline sat beside an enormous tub turning the water on and off. His mother would have loved a tub that large. It appeared that the God King. It must be important. The water came out warm. Would she take the crossbow to him again? I know that someone seems to want that sword badly. The mirror was almost as long as the wall.

There was a silver one in the corner. It comes with the package. You came here for the sword specifically. Being leered at was an. He resisted the urge to grab his shirt and throw it on. You killed the God King. Go be their hero. Perhaps visit his mother occasionally.

I should teach her. At the very least. Why not? You have a bit of a godslayer look to you. You do realize that now every Deathless in the world is going to come hunting you for that blade. I— He cut off that line of thought. Nobody will think to connect you—and the ones you love back home—to the man who slew the God King and stole his riches.

She frowned at him. Where had those impulses come from? Nobody should look at me like that. I do want freedom. The motion put her close to him. Close enough that he readied himself to slap her hand if she tried to knife him in the gut.

That made him hesitate. In the end. She stepped back and held the soap dish up to the light. Good smells. Isa took a step toward the sword. This was a great chance for that. No perfume. She dropped the dish into her pouch. He would find freedom. Siris snatched it by reflex.

She smelled of leather and of wax. Her scent lingered close to him. Perhaps delivered it into the hands of someone he trusted to use it to fight. It would also mean giving away this weapon. I assume. What a strange woman. In a castle. What did you just say? Keep that in mind as you contemplate sitting here. Her last words lingered with him. You just keep following the river until you reach the cliffs. How did you find your way to this castle?

But you? You stayed for a reason. Siris regarded Strix for a moment. Siris tightened his grip. He walked around the throne. He held the Infinity Blade in his other hand.

Infinity Blade: Awakening

Siris rounded the throne and stepped up to the daeril. After a moment of consideration. I can understand why Kuuth stayed.

Something crunched behind him. The dying troll toppled onto his side. Strix shrank down farther. Make him trust the troll.

Kill them both! Bring them pain. The aged troll gasped in pain. Kuuth had tried to get him to stay in the palace. Where he could be found. His large. Make them fear. Siris spun without thinking. He spun on Strix and drove the Infinity Blade into the stone of the throne.

That must have been what the entire conversation had been intended to do. Siris spun on the quivering daeril beside the throne. He thought killing you would be the last step. The God King is still alive. Siris fled. He will find you. Which meant. Strix rubbed his neck. Everything is always part of his plan. But this is all part of his plan. Siris leaned in.

He will reclaim what is his. He knows where I am. Where had this bloodthirst come from? Siris stumbled back.

He stumbled back farther. She tucked a book into the pocket of her long coat and slung her crossbow over her shoulder.

But he was alone, ignorant, and running low on options. Isa seemed to know it, for she was watching him with a sly smile. Maybe someone to. Can you find the Worker of Secrets? Nobody fights back against the Deathless. You seem to have been intending to, in some way.

Could he trust anything that troll had told him? The God King told him to answer my questions.

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She did know about it. Or was she playing along? Terrors, he thought. What am I doing? All I know how to do is kill people. It seemed hollow and empty. A throne without a king.

A child playing at games only the adults understand. He trudged along the road, his armor heavy in his pack. She clomped along the road behind him, humming a tune softly to herself, wearing a narrow hat with a wide brim to keep off the sun.

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What would it be like? He shook his head, trying to force his thoughts away from that path. The world was crumbling. What did horses matter?

And yet, a piece of him still struggled to discover itself. He wanted to live, to thrive. He wanted to know things, be things, experience things. He was ruined. Give the sword to them.


Surely something like that existed. The Worker of Secrets. He also found himself intrigued by the prospect of being that close to her. Potentially the only weapon humankind had for fighting back against the Deathless? I need to find people who are fighting back. He looked up at her. It seemed terribly convenient that she would arrive.

There had been no discussion of price. Perhaps Isa would help him achieve that. Go where? Into hiding? He could make his way into the mountains. I assume you want to be. Go on alone. If not him. I should ditch her. Probably because they both knew her leading him was merely an excuse for her to stay near the Infinity Blade. Beyond that. It looks unusual. The prospect of being that close to her made him wary. And he was happy for it. You could be my guard. She tried to kill you.

She raised an eyebrow at him. I swear there was one. You soldier types. And will probably try again.When Siris had taken off the mans helm, he had found a youthful face beneath it. She took his arm tenderly. He wasnt expected to win. The room shook. They need neither food nor water to live. Weve sent word to Lord Weallix, inviting him back. He pressed one hand to his cheek, stopping the flow of blood.

The other daerils parted for him. He checked the wall-mounted deadmind mirrorthat mirror would have been called a monitor in earlier eras, but it had been so long that hed stopped using such terms.