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The him not running on non-stop toxicity, that is. The one not completely overrun by demons. By then, the little rectangle had vanished. But there was still a notice at top right.

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One of many. I found his, and clicked on it. It was on the thread of a woman I liked, had met a couple of times. A talented poet in the horror underground. Tonight going through terrible family troubles of her own. Dragging us back into his dementia, in a way we could not possibly help but respond to. The poor poet, of course, was horrified.

As were all of the Facebook friends bearing witness on her thread.


Because I was tagged, my FB was now pinging every ten seconds. Before I could even begin to respond, Angie pinged in. Thank God she was up. And thank God she was on it, already smoothing shit out with one smart message after another. I am so incredibly sorry for your pain and justified anger.

The Last Werewolf. Glen Duncan

Maxwell Hart This is a person—a dear friend, hard as it is to admit that right now—who is seriously suffering from profound mental illness, and, as a result, is very badly and shamefully attempting to negotiate the worst part of his life. Maxwell Hart He lost his one true love, almost three years ago—found her dead on the floor, the image of which is seared into his skull forever—and the trauma and guilt of not being able to save her has snapped him in fucking half.

Maxwell Hart For the record, she was a brilliant, lovely and deeply troubled woman.

In that sense and many others, they were made for each other. And which ultimately claimed her, like roughly , other women every year. Maxwell Hart So while I completely understand the impulse to monsterize him in this moment of clear monstrous awfulness, I just have to be clear that they loved each other.

Did great work together. Meant the world to each other. As such, his sorrow and anguish are very real.

Maxwell Hart This does not, of course, excuse his horrible behavior toward you tonight. Nothing can.

This is genuine evil. Maxwell Hart No, the worst of it is that—in his lonely despair, his raging and entirely self-created exile from the human race—he finds himself trolling Facebook drunk in the middle of the night. You think YOU know pain? Somehow above us all. Even at his lowest and meanest and worst. Maxwell Hart Which is to say that he is crawling with demons.

And his demons run the show. So he just feeds them every night. Maxwell Hart And tonight, he chose to feed them you. But I am sooo, sooo sorry that he assailed you with his random madness. Defriend him now.

The Were-Wolf by Clemence Housman

Warn all your friends to do the same. Nothing good can come from letting him into your life at this terrible juncture. Maxwell Hart But I will sure as shit be addressing this damage tonight. You just crossed the line one too many times, baby. This shit ends here and now. At which point, my phone was ringing. It was Jack, on a conference call with Angie. Already onboard.

Less than three minutes later, I was in my car. And all of my demons were howling for blood. The tackily hypnotic orange and green carpet is like a visual mantra of repetition. But this time will be different.

The Last Omega by Shane Honorae

Every single word that ever needed to be said had already been said one kazillion times. We go through one fire door, to the next-to-last corridor. And with every step, the air crackles and thoomps. The hallway sconces and overheads begin to flicker with our mounting power. We go through the last fire door. Shelves laden with thousands of quality books and films. About the Author. Read Online Swipe version.

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Falling for a human is taboo for Chapter Six About the Author.

Sold to the Werewolf Prince by Daniella Wright

With no connections to anyone in town, why would I move to a quiet place? Sign in to Comment.

Although he is physically healthy, Jake is deeply distraught and lonely. Sold to the Emperor by Hollie Hutchins.