Chief amongst the primarchs is Horus, called the Glorious, the Brightest Star, He smiled to himself at this delicious heresy, wondering if he could work it into Ignorance of the universe's workings had created false gods in man's ancient . Page 1. FALSE GODS. A Warhammer 40, Horus Heresy novel. By Graham McNeill. The Great Crusade that has taken humanity into the stars continues. The Emperor of mankind has handed the reins of command to his favoured son, the Warmaster Horus. Download or read Aqualeo's The Book of False Gods (The Horus Heresy), by click link below MORE DESCRIPTION OR. PDF Book Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy, Computed Tomography and.

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PDF! False Gods (The Horus Heresy), Ebook& False Gods (The Horus Heresy), Epub* False Gods (The Horus Heresy), Mobi> False Gods (The. False Gods book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The human Imperium stands at its height of glory - thousands of worlds.. . False Gods: The Heresy Takes Root (The Horus Heresy) [Graham McNeill] on preckalohotchning.gq *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The human Imperium stands .

Lucius[ edit ] Lucius is a warrior of The Emperor's Children. He is known for his swordsmanship. His ability with a sword is almost unequalled. He is initially a loyalist due to his friendship with Saul Tarvitz. However, his jealousy of Tarvitz combined with his desire to be reconciled to his legion drive him to betray Tarvitz and the other loyalists after he decapitates Chaplain Charmosian.

Using Charmosian's helmet vox, Lucius contacts Eidolon and offers to betray the loyalists in exchange for his acceptance back into the Legion. After he convinces Solomon Demeter to kill the other loyalists is his sector, Lord Commander Eidolon penetrates the defenses of the loyalist Emperor's Children. However, Eidolon underestimates the loyalists under the command of Saul Tarvitz and is forced to retreat, taking Lucius with him.

Lucius later receives the Laer sword from Fulgrim, or the demon who is possessing Fulgrim after the Dropsite Massacre. He recognizes Lucius as being "touched" by Slaanesh. Post-Heresy Lucius is known as a Champion of Slaanesh, being nearly unkillable in single combat. If Lucius is somehow defeated, he is always resurrected.

If the person who killed Lucius takes any pleasure in defeating Lucius, they become possessed by the spirit of Lucius, before eventually turning into Lucius themselves. He frequently makes rash mistakes, and receives heavy criticism and retribution from other marines, including Torgaddon, Tarvitz, and even his primarch Fulgrim.

He is made part of a war council, but is not held in high regard, and his presence is merely tolerated. At one point in the council, Angron threatens to kill him for speaking to him as an equal. In Fulgrim , as well as False Gods , it is revealed he had surgical implants from the Laer inserted by Fabius Bile which allow him to project a sonic scream. It is this which makes him extremely powerful, even for a Space Marine.

In the story "The Reflection Crack'd" in The Primarchs , Eidolon runs afoul of Fulgrim's increasingly erratic nature when he questions why the primarch is choosing a particular course of action. Fulgrim, believing the Lord Commander to be mocking him and planning treachery, swiftly draws his sword and beheads Eidolon on the spot. His blood and spinal fluid are dripped into the victory wine that is then drunk by his debauched brethren. However, in Angel Exterminatus , Fulgrim commands Fabius to reattach Eidolon's severed head to his body and restore him to "life", and thus Eidolon becomes known as "the Risen One".

Chaplain Charmosian[ edit ] Chaplain Charmosian was the Chaplain of the 18th Company, and one of the most senior members of the Legion. He acted as a member of Fulgrim's honour guard during the later stages of corruption leading up to Istvaan III, when he was killed by Lucius.

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Ancient Rylanor[ edit ] Rylanor is a venerable dreadnought of the Emperor's Children. He is severely wounded some decades before the Heresy while battling the Eldar and is interred as a dreadnought.

He is loyal to the Emperor, and part of Fulgrim's honour guard. Rylanor fights against the Traitors although some believe he is sent to guard a hangar, thus providing a way to return Tarvitz, Loken, and several others back into the story. However, none of those characters, except Loken who appears in the audio drama Garro: Legion of One, have appeared since Fulgrim.

He remained loyal to the Emperor, but was badly wounded in the firestorm on Istvaan. Apothecary Vaddon helped to heal him, and he returned to the fight against the Traitor Legions. While defending the Precentor's Palace, Demeter discovered Lucius fighting against a group of Astartes and came to his aid. It was not until only Lucius and Demeter remain that he realizes that Lucius is returning to the Legion, and he has unwittingly aided a traitor. After a short struggle, Lucius kills Demeter.

In his last moments Solomon weeps, not for himself, but because he sees and understands the destruction Horus will cause. Gaius Caphen[ edit ] Gaius Caphen is second in command to Demeter. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads.

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Start on. Zahariel and Luther clean out a daemon cult on Caliban Runs through the Great Crusade where Magnus discovers the webway, but his Father already knew about it. Then the Edict of Nikaea where Magnus gets all passionate about not restricting psychic powers, then to Horus's vision quest where Magnus fails to keep his brother on the right path, then does the WORST thing possible by forcing himself through the palace psychic spam filter, breaking the Golden Throne in the process.

Space Wolves come knocking shortly after. Tragedy ensues and the thousand sons become a thousand sons all over again. Ahriman starts writing hit Rubric. They fail because Horus sent a look-a-like, but in the process slay a shapeshifting daemonic counter-assassin sent by Erebus.

While it is a decent book and we learn a lot, it didn't contribute much to the overall plot. On the more vitriolic side , the writing is a bit underwhelming in places; highlights include calling a pariah a psyker, another pariah with a contrived possession, and Horus uttering one of the most cliche one liners out there.

The First Heretic: Lorgar 's turn to get a back story and generally considered one of the better books in the series. Feels less rushed than " Fulgrim ". Goes from Monarchia to a bit of soul searching in the Eye of Terror and discovers Cadia. Leads up to Istvaan V and the immediate aftermath. Signifcant subplots revolve around the inception of Possessed Marines, and what happens to the Custodes babysitters watching over the Word Bearers, and how the protagonist Argel Tal gets into a tragic bromance with the Custodes leader.

Aurelian: A limited release short story until an ebook was published.

The plot bounces around in-between a number of moments in Lorgar's history up to the prelude of the Shadow Crusade. One narrative involves how Lorgar's brothers still treat him like shit, especially when he's the only one who sees through Fulgrim's possession, and ends with Horus sending him to fuck up Ultima Segmentum and handing him Angron's figurative, not literal leash.

The other narrative takes place in the 40 year gap in The First Heretic, where Lorgar makes a pilgrimage into the Eye of Terror with a Daemon Princess as his guide. They come to a dead Crone World where he puts a dying Avatar out of its misery and he's told that the Eldar panicked rather than embrace Chaos during the birth of Slaanesh, which is what caused them to nearly die out; the daemon prince ss tells Lorgar the same thing is happening with humanity during the Heresy, how Chaos really wants a symbiotic relationship with humanity rather than to conquer it.

In the middle of this, Khorne decides he's had enough of this talky wordy shit and sends An'ggrath to make things more exciting, and Lorgar narrowly beats him. Then Kairos Fateweaver comes and "tells" him about Calth and his relationship with Guilliman and his upcoming war with him in the most confusing as fuck discussion ever. The truth of most of the things told to Lorgar are left ambiguous, because, well, Fateweaver; but also Chaos has a lot riding on the Heresy coming to fruition for reasons left not entirely explored.

Prospero Burns: Part 2 of the Battle for Prospero. A civilian archeologist named Kasper Hawser hangs out with a company of the Space Wolves, where we learn a lot about their culture and attitudes. Turns out that Chaos infiltrated everything, so the outcome of Nikaea was practically rigged.

The civilian himself even turns out to have been an unwitting spy for Chaos, but the Wolves knew anyway and didn't give a shit they thought he worked for Magnus.

Age of Darkness: A short story anthology. Rules of Engagement: Roboute lets one of his commanders lead in a series of wars that didn't really occur, and we get the best line ever said in regards to the Codex Astartes : despite the fact it does cover a lot, it's not meant to be followed biblically which is a load of bull given that the Codex lets said commander win all the wars in the most efficient way possible while blindly following it and only failed in the last battle because he was in a war game against Girlyman.

See the quote on the page on the Big Book of Astartes. The Imperium Secundus shows up, making for another bizarre plot element that ruins the series without adding anything. Liar's Due: You know those memes on how the Alpha Legion causes mass paranoia without actually involving any Astartes?

Those aren't just memes. Alpha Legion serf arrives on a agri-world and turns it's allegiance to Horus by only hacking all their inter-planetary communications. Forgotten Sons: A Salamander and a grumpy ol' Ultramarine are sent in opposition to one of Horus' iterators to convince an industrial-militant world which side to side with. They almost side with Horus before the Warmaster's agents wreck shit for the lulz. Oh, and to send the message that neutrality will be punished. The Iron Warriors were doing weird shit on that world for years beforehand, and was probably the more deciding factor than the lulz.

The Last Remembrancer: Horus sent the one last remembrancer he had stored up as a gift to Dorn. Instead of in a box or eight or some shit like that , it was the Dan Abnett of his day telling Dorn that the grimdark galaxy was grimdark.

Also that the Emperor's vision of a galaxy of peace, unity, prosperity, and fluffy bunnies built up without any more grimdark attached than was strictly needed, probably wasn't very likely before any shit hit any fan either way. Also, Iacton Qruze makes his first appearance since forever, but nobody gives a shit about Iacton Qruze. Dorn says it's all lies and enemy propaganda before executing said remembrancer and torching all his ramblings. Rebirth: Magnus's absent fleet from the Burning of Prospero comes home and shits a brick.

The last known surviving squad of Thousand Sons outside of the Planet of the Sorcerers gets beaten up and they slowly figure out it was the Space Wolves who shit on Magnus's parade world and is stalking them. One plot twist later, most of them are dead, the last one decides he's gonna rebuild everything, with a few scant hints that his flesh-change genetic flaw will shift into kleptomania.

After getting fed up with Corax trolling Perturabo for a bit too long, Horus sends Angron in to finish the job, but Corax's cavalry arrives to troll Angron by getting the loyalists the fuck out of there.

We also learn that Corax has a supersekrit psyker ability which lets him roll a natural 20 on stealth checks no matter how ridiculous it would be, and that the Alpha Legion once again can out-troll everybody when they fuck things up for the World Eaters they let the World Eater commander think he was in command then blew his brains out when he tried to actually command.

Ends with an transitory bit into Deliverance Lost. A couple war scenes later, Little Horus learns the hard way that the White Scars are pretty badass, but his PTSD starts acting up again and he gets his face shaved off before the White Scars are driven off.

Little Horus realizes his PTSD he had since killing Loken and Torgaddon ultimately stems from that time he helped kill Loken and Torgaddon, and gives a diatribe about how things like "change", "mood swings", and "hallucinations" are suited to his melancholic nature, saying things like "it's perfectly natural", "I'm fine, everything's fine. Everything is perfectly, absolutely fine", and "Therapy is for the weak. I'm fine".

After the Mongolian shave, he gets his face reattached and ends up looking even more like Big Horus in the deal. The loyalists give them a fuck-you in the form of a Dreadnought. A few melodramatic and horrific but generic war scenes later, and they get overrun after a full year of siege thanks to the genius of a certain Barabas Dantioch , drop the fortress from the ceiling onto a titan, and get the hell out of there by hijacking one of the Iron Warriors warships via teleportation. An Ultramarine big wig was there to bring the loyalists home, informing them that Guilliman was fortifying Terra and he needed good siege workers to stall the traitors then to fortify Terra.

While loyalist Iron Warriors were pretty cool, the story itself was pretty forgettable; and it left some open questions like whether the continuity errors were the result of "faulty astropathic communications" see Outcast Dead or if the Ultramarines were trolling the Iron Warriors to join in with the Imperium Secundus. And also why the Iron Warriors were determined to take a hellhole at an immense expense of people and materiel, including Titans, while they could have just said "fuck yo shit!

Dark Angels are hunting down the Night Lords who are fucking with Forge Worlds, but the Night Lords are staying a step ahead of them, much to the Lion's frustration. After being advised by Horus to pass along a message, Kurze asks the Lion to meet up face-to-face on Tsagualsa. When they talk, while what they say to each other is offscreen, it's implied Kurze told Lion about the Fallen Angels and that Horus knew about their impending betrayal.

Lion decides nobody is going to give him shit about being a rumored closet traitor, and the ensuing fight proves that Jonson is a badass among primarchs cheating bitch he initiated the fight, ending the parlay, by getting in a cheap-shot when he plunged his sword into Curze's heart , until Curze, ignoring a terrible wound even by Primarch standards, whoops that ass and goes to his old fallback of strangling a fucker.

Their respective honor guards go at it in the meantime, and showing Sevatar is a badass among Space Marines. Things end up in a draw, leaving things open for a new plotline within the Heresy, the Prince of Crows novella being the next. The Outcast Dead: A mess of continuity errors, at least when compared with the rest of the series, the other authors later claimed all the errors were absolutely intentional and a result of the messed-up nature of Warp-based communication.

What really ends up happening is that he gets there in time for Magnus 's astral body to reach Big E to warn him of Horus' betrayal, and the fuckhueg psychic shock of course dicks with the Astropath HQ compound something mighty.

In the confusion and assloads of psychic phenomena that followed, the astropath gets implanted with a message for somebody regarding the war, but his PTSD keeps him from knowing what the hell it is or who it's for. The Custodes come in and tell him " Ve haff vays of making you talk.

(PDF Download) False Gods (The Horus Heresy) Read Online

After a time, he gets busted out in the nick of time by some convict Space Marines from the Traitor Legions. Why they do this is explained by the Thousand Son sagely stating "Just because. They name themselves the eponymous Outcast Dead and try to get the hell off of Terra amusingly, none of the escapees is very happy at the prospect of the Heresy but they are all slightly miffed at being treated like shit by the Custodes just because of the Legion they belong to.

Other subplots revolve around: a psyker congregant at a slum church near the Imperial palace; a samurai witch hunter no, really ; fucking Thunder Warriors.

Best bits are an unarmed, unarmored World Eater ripping a Custodes' spine out through his chest the portrayal of the Emperor playing chess in dreams, revealing that the message is about his upcoming bitchslap from Horus. Deliverance Lost: Corvus Corax , having just escaped from Istvaan V, decides to go ask daddy for a handout to get his Legion back on his feet, and gets the mother of all genetech to do it, though he has to do a bit of legwork to get it.

Meanwhile, a bunch of faceless Alpha Legionnaires okay, they do have faces, they just originally belonged to some Raven Guard had infiltrated Corax's Legion at Istvaan, and are doing recon and intelligence gathering waiting for Omegon to give the go-ahead to fuck shit up. Corax, meanwhile sets up new geneseed methods that bring up new recruits to battle-ready marines in fucking hours, with the potential to conscript literally anybody willing to become a Space Marine.

The Alphas decide this probably isn't in their interest, and sabotage the new geneseed by tainting it with daemon blood, turning second- and third-batch new Raven Guard into the twisted monsters we know that Corax ended up with.

In one of the instances of retcon that was actually flavored with awesome and win, the mutant marines were still sapient , but were left to fight on in the Emperor's name.

After staging a mass insurrection on Deliverance's parent world with the help of some old guilders Corax ousted and the Dark Mechanicum, Omegon gets more Alphas infiltrated into the Raven for the endgame: steal the genetech, kill some Ravenguard, get the fuck out before anybody knows what the fuck just happened in here.

A couple cockups along the way leads to the Raven Guard getting wise and isolating out the Alphas. The end of the novel was like a swingers party at the retirement home, everybody got screwed even Horus , nobody got what they hoped for except for the really deviant bastard , and all-around the reproductive material was a waste.

Corax shut down his hothousing method, and starts fucking with the Traitors, even at reduced numbers. The book ends on a note with Alpharius-Omegon deciding that while their plan for saving the galaxy was still good, they decide working with Xenos isn't for them.

Know No Fear: The Ultras are still ignorant about Istvaan and the civil war erupting around the galaxy, and are on muster at Calth with the Word Bearers on orders from Horus to go kill some Orks together as a conciliatory gesture. They were in for a surprise. The Word Bearers, while happy as hell to get revenge, are really trying to dick over the Ultramarines to keep them out of the Heresy, if not destroy them outright.

What happens next is the Word Bearers arrange some "accidents" using sorcery and good ol' fashioned treachery to fake a monumental fuck up in the ship yards that leave the Ultramarine forces blind, deaf, and crippled. They use the confusion to say that the Ultras still fucking them over, and take the chance to open not only a can, but entire cases of whoop-ass on the Ultras.

Erebus turns Calth's pole into a screaming hellscape to start up a warp storm, while Kor Phaeron oversees the systematic extermination of the Ultramarines and also successfully poisons Calth's sun.

Guilliman gets jettisoned into space, but survives because Spiritual Liege. Guilliman calmly tells him "The Codex Astartes does will not support this action" it was really "You made an error" followed by an explanation of that error, and "but while I'm alive, I can do this" and rips out Kor Phaeron's main heart with an unpowered Power Fist. Kor Phaeron's minions run away with his carcass, allowing the Ultras to retake their space station, which in turn allows Mechanicus plot power, aided by a planet's worth of orbital defense batteries, to bring the ground war back into the Ultramarines' favor.

The novel ends with Word Bearers getting the hell out of there, and the Ultramarines evacuating everyone they can off of Calth and telling everybody they can't to get underground, transitioning into underground war. Special features of this novel include the Ultramarines finally being portrayed as awesome, Guilliman not being a cock, Ollanius Pius being the special guest star with his very own subplot, and the Word Bearers having athame blades as special issue, one of which will come back later.

You might notice this summary is pretty spoilerific, but if you didn't know the broad strokes already, you're in the wrong place.

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The Primarchs: A novella anthology. As the name suggests, it contains stories featuring Primarchs. The Reflection Crack'd: - Lucius and friends anally rape Fulgrim.

While questionable use of a pear of anguish is featured during a game of "Stab the Fulgrim," the real story is this: Lucius and his buddies are deep into the sickfuckery which will come to characterize their Legion, but begin to suspect that Fulgrim might have a daemon in him when he begins acting like not-Fulgrim and uses sorcery. They ambush him and try to exorcise it with pain, because torturing a Slaaneshi daemon will totally work though they find out that a Primarch can grow back a foot, and just about any other wound.

Among everything else: Fabulous Bill is still an arrogant dick; Lucius is still a maniacal and colossally narcissistic sick fuck; Julius Kaesoron is still an angry badass; Marius Vairosean is still a sycophantic cunt; and Eidolon was still a self-important, whiny douche, but Fulgrim throws a tantrum and cuts his head off, and there was much cheering from the readers, and that plus almost certain off-screen fapping among the Legionaries leads into Angel Exterminatus.

Feat of Iron - Ferrus Manus 's Legion is trying to off some Eldar on a desert world, but can't find the major Eldar strategic asset because of Spess Elf warp bullshit. A Farseer thinks he can warn Ferrus about the Heresy, and traps him in the webway or some psychic realm for a spirit quest long enough to fight a giant purple snake which is disturbingly appropriate imagery when you think about it ; and Ferrus thinks it was the wyrm that he killed and gave him his metal hands, but the snake tells him that he must be mistaking it for somebody else.

Ferrus kills it, and meets the Farseer who tries to tell Ferrus that he wasn't just being a dick. Ferrus, having too many experiences with Eldar being dicks, knocks some sense into the Farseer, who manages to run just fast enough to avoid getting killed. Ferrus comes back and helps his Legion fight off the Eldar kill the Webway beacon, or whatever the hell it was.

In the background of all of this, the Iron Hands, having lost Ferrus, decide to get shit done rather than bitch about potentially dead father, and work to complete the mission despite being weighed down by Imperial Army who are dying of dehydration and heat stroke.

The Eldar figure out a way to use storm clouds that make Iron Hands bionics kill their users, and Ferrus has a bitch of an itch around his neck that he can't get rid of. I wonder if that's important. The Lion: - Dark Angels fight daemons and reinstitute Librarians. The Lion teamkills Nemiel for reminding him about Nikaea, ruining all the buildup from the previous two Dark Fallen Angels Books because Gav Thorpe wanted to prove he's a big boy author who can kill his characters.

Then they steal an intelligent super warp engine insta shifts the Dark Angel fleet into the warp without need for a jump point while teleporting itself and the Lion onto his flagship; Lion is capable of talking politely infront of so much power from Typhus then set course for Macragge to sort out Guilliman.

Serpent Beneath: - Alpharius Omegon plots against himself and destroys a facility built around what looks suspiciously like a Cadian Pylon and said facility keeping the White Scars out of the war , due to an information leak , and they can't have that.

Except than none of the main players are Alpharius or Omegon. And Alpharius and Omegon can't decide if they're secretly working against each other or not. Also: considered to be one of the better works of the series, not only due to quality, but because of the sheer mindfuckery of the plot, keeping entirely within the rationale of the Alpha Legion without any jumps in logic or canon.

Well, there's planets with giant frowny faces inhabited by garbage monsters, ships getting blown up by city-sized rocks launched from the aforementioned planets, a nearly-stereotypically-gay Slaaneshi daemon that doesn't actually serve much of a purpose in the story, and a villain named the Red Angel despite the fact Angron already claimed that as a nickname although he was first introduced in Horus Heresy: Collected Visions, so it's not James Swallow 's fault.

Oh, and Sanguinius acts like an idiot about Chaos the whole time, which fits the fluff , but come on, how many freaky supernatural signs do you need to see before you decide it's not just foul xenos? In all fairness, of course, Fear to Tread does have quite a few good moments, especially when it comes to Warp -related terror. It also has a priceless bromance between Horus and Sanguinius , not to mention Sanguinius and his Legion get characterized very well.

Sanguiniuns and Co end up reaching Imperium Secundus. Shadows of Treachery: Yet another anthology. Most of the stories are tie-togethers or "in betweens", and some are very short.

The Crimson Fist - A story about two parallel story lines. The first is set during the Battle of Phall , a space battle between the Iron Warriors' entire fleet, and what was left over after a third of the Imperial Fists' fleet was dispatched to reinforce the loyalists going to Istvaan, got caught in a warpstorm and was ran "ashore", leaving them drifting and isolated in the backwater Phall system. The Iron Warriors, having the advantage of knowing what the hell is goig on and having the powers of Chaos to guide them through the storm, show up at Phall wreck shit for some good old fashioned revenge.

Despite having the superior numbers, more and bigger guns, suicidal expenditure cohorts, and the power of a raging hatred boner, the Iron Warriors were losing to the Imperial Fists's superior maneuverability and Captain Polux's protagonist power. Eventually, the Fists get the order and window to withdraw to Terra, though turning tail would put their fleet at a huge disadvantage.

Given the choice between blind obedience to his father or carrying on with the battle they were winning, Polux chooses the former and takes his Fists back to Terra, but ends up in the Imperium Secundus instead. This was also one of the first solid depictions of Perturabo, and clearly the worst of the two as he's shown to be nothing more than an abusive, cold-hearted Saturday morning cartoon villain with rage issues and the depth and complexity of a kiddy pool.

The second story line follows Sigismund as he follows Rogal around the Imperial Palace after deciding to stay home, even though he was ordered to command the same fleet trapped at Phall, but delegated it to Polux's predecessor. The twist is that he met Euphrati Keeler, had a spiritual experience when they spoke, and felt that he would be needed more at Terra instead of as a drifting corpse permanently lost in orbit around some backwater, and so handed off the job of commanding the fleet.

When he eventually opened up to Rogal about this, it got him in trouble. See, Rogal was still one of the stupid atheists at this point, so he disowned Sigismund because he thought "serving a higher purpose" was arrogant and got in the way of doing his job.

This left Sigismund feeling really sad and pissed off, thus was his start of darkness daddy issues. Really pissed off and bad ass daddy issues. It shows that, even if you download that Curze was a murderous paladin of justice and order rather than just a deranged serial killer , he's getting pretty fucked up in the head, and lives with the knowledge of his demise haunting him which isn't that great for what little sanity he has left. It also involves him beating up Rogal Dorn, killing some Imp Fists and Emp's Children terminators with his more advanced suit and built-in vox jammers with his bare fucking hands , then blowing up Nostramo.

The first 10 is him being sad about ruining the Imperial Palace as a grand piece of art by fortifying it into a coldly functional fortress. The next 10 is Rogal having an existential monologue then a conversation with Malcador, all about why he doesn't know why Horus declared war on the Emperor, and is afraid to find out why in case it makes sense. Malcador ends up knowing at least a little about Chaos, and somehow got his hands on a tarot deck Curze used throughout his life, even up to the close of The Dark King.

Don't ask how he got them. The Kaban Project - Right before Istvaan, techpriest Pallas Ravachol is working on a top secret "Kaban" robot project on Mars and realizes that the project has achieved sapience, and is in fact a form of full AI. Though he genuinely befriended the Kaban machine, Ravachol complains to boss Magos Chrom that working on an AI is both highly illegal and insanely dangerous. Chrom tells Ravachol not to be such a pussy since Horus himself gave the OK, and after some deliberation, has a death squad waiting to escort the Ravachol off site the next morning.

Ravachol, thinking there were few ways this could end well, makes a break for it and flees for Magos Malevolus's forge, hoping to get somebody with some clout to reveal that his old boss and Horus were up to something bad. On the way, he spends time running away from a latex-clad sadist babe who persistently chases after him; since she's an AdMech equivalent of a Death Cultist assassin, this is a much better idea than it sounds.

When he gets to Malevolus's forge, Malevolus distracts him with a legion of shiny Mk6 suits of Marine Power Armor long enough to drop the bomb to drop that they were for Horus. The latex-clad babe catches up to them both, and the techpriest flees again, only to be puzzled why Malevolus and the assassin are letting him run.Curze reveals that there were chaos cults on Macragge too, and that Guilliman would be a traitor if he had landed a little to the left.

The Lion fights a war to reclaim some Ordinatus devices and then hands them to Perturabo to gain his trust, not realising that his brother has already turned. Death of a Silversmith - The title says it all.

It's essentially about showing the fractures in the Night Lords Legion. See and discover other items: It seems that every Astartes warrior is braver, stronger and more perfect than the last.

Dan Abnett. His fellow World Eaters carried his corpse away with them as they fought their way back to their ships.