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Nishithini by Humayun Ahmed [email protected] Nishithini [2nd Part of Debi].pdf - page 1/ Nishithini [2nd Part of Debi].pdf - page. Nishithini is a Bangla Novel Book of Misir Ali Series written by Humayun Ahmed. It's the second part of Debi. Misir Ali is a popular Novel. Nishithini by Humayun Ahmed 2nd Part of Debi. Bangla, Fun, Youth,. (rating: 5 | 2 votes | views). Nishithini by Humayun Ahmed 2nd Part of Debi.

Early life and background.

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Foyzur served as a sub-divisional police officer in Pirojpur District and was killed in during the Bangladesh Liberation War. In , politician Delwar Hossain Sayeedi was put on trial for the killing but was acquitted of the charge in due to a lack of evidence. Humayun's brother, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal , is a writer and academician. Another brother, Ahsan Habib, became a cartoonist.


During his childhood, Ahmed lived in Sylhet , Comilla , Chittagong , Bogra ,Dinajpur and Panchagarh where his father was on official assignment. Education and early career Ahmed studied in Chittagong Collegiate School.

Ahmed then attended the University of Dhaka and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and later with a Master of Science degree. He then worked as a lecturer at the Bangladesh Agricultural University for six months following which he joined Dhaka College to teach Chemistry.

Soon after, he went to the United States to earn his Ph. But student politics is one of the ignored areas in the international scholarly debate.

In , Altbach also made very little contribution on the Indian student politics and its impact on development. The institutions of HE higher education in southern Asia is experiencing a high volume of student politics and teacher politics.

In this assignment, we are going to discuss students politics in context of Bangladesh. Student politics in the context of Bangladesh. Background of student politics in Bangladesh: Student politics in the Bengal region was established while it was under the British ruling. Until the s, there were no student unions in the Bangladesh. Being an independent nation since , it has been administered by both the elected government and martial law.

Nishithini (Humayun Ahmed) [2nd Part of Debi]

Different types of student politics have existed at different periods. Particularly, the educational policies imposed by the British administration on Bengal were different from the internal policies which have existed within the UK; and this was the cause of concern to Bengali students.

Again, Pakistani rules also force the students to campaign in favour of their rights. Under circumstances which have been arisen under the British ruling, Pakistani governance and martial law, students are forced to campaign in favour of their rights. The recent upsurge in student politics is different: Rightist students did not engage themselves in much political activity within the campus.

On the other hand, there were two leftist student unions; namely the Chartro union and Chartro League, which they have principally dominated and controlled the campus politics In , both leftist and rightist political groups are united and played a vital role in achieving the victory for Mother Tongue Revolution.

In , the president of the country was assassinated by military officials and a few days later, the martial law was established. Since the party had no affiliated student political party, the president alongside with his advisers have thoughts to establish one in order to compete against the other student political parties involved in the student revolution.

Present situation of Bangladeshi student politics: Their movements are not for the students but only to strengthen their position on the campus. They are not the student leaders rather power elites of our society. They were to move for humanity against brutality.

The kind of our present day student politics is mercenary, rent-seeking violence and crime loving. For this, even they do not hesitate to kill their opponents. The most devilish of their activities is that they sometimes kill their own cadres only to create a troublesome situation in their respective institutions. So various student fronts are just a reflection of the main political parties whose immediate goals have more to do with grabbing power and enjoying it while it lasts.

Every country has different national political parties, except for countries whereby martial law or dictatorships exist Heywood, These national political parties usually have their associated or affiliated organizations for different professional groups.

To discuss this situation, we shall use examples from the Bangladeshi context. Each of them has an affiliated political organization for students.

Therefore, student leaders often offer newcomers accommodation, on the condition that they join their political party. A few student organizations also provide free clothes, books and stationery for newcomers.

For example,Mr. And the threat was very real. Merits of students politics in the context of Bangladesh: Learns how to lead a group as well as know how to influence people beliefs on particular matter.

Knows, how to control an unrest situation. By this way, an individual develops a leadership attitude within himself, which contribute the individual to be a future leader. Students are the important component of civil and elite society who can lead the nation toward sustainable and expected development and it is possible by student politics.

Therefore, no established national political parties exist in Bengal in Demerits of students politics in the context of Bangladesh:. It should be mentioned that Ramna and Lalbagh police stations are already located closer to the campuses. As a result from Hartal being called by different national political parties more than 30 days are futile within a year.

In an academic year, a minimum of 20 days is usually lost due to student political unrest. Obviously, it cannot do so. The question that should be asked, however, is how was the student allowed to achieve such a shameful record?

It is important to ask why the party did not take necessary action after the first rape and how was this student allowed to pursue his education abroad.

Certainly, it is proven that he had received illegal support from his political party.

Students involved in politics have no respect for their teachers and elderly people. They have also been known to kill their teachers if the teachers try to prevent them from committing abominable practices. We are also concerned about the murder of a teacher by a student who was protesting against stalking 2 years ago.

They are commanded by their leaders to campaign in favour of their party, especially during the election period. The students at large matter little to the leaders who capture halls, manipulate business bids and hoard benefits and climb the socio-economic ladder, including even seats in parliament. It is important to note that education itself can play a significant role for national development, so any threat to education is a threat to national development.

Student politics hinders not only social freedom but also economic development. But it is related to the overall situation of political unrest in the country.

For example, football, cricket, music clubs. The last but the most important is the role of teachers. They should restrain from ungentlemanly acts, like going on strikes, practicing unfair means to accumulate wealth etc. These measures would foster social identity in students and as a result, they would not turn to politics to find a social identity. Every professional member of society should be committed to help build the best prospects for our students.

Moreover, everybody needs to bear in mind that self-development cannot be an authentic development until Bangladesh is no longer a developing, but a developed country. So we need to act fast to save our universities.

March 22, by Sociopath Leave a comment. On this day in , Bangladesh lost in the Asia Cup final thrillier against Pakistan just by 2 runs. The Bangladeshi cricketers as well as the whole nation burst out into tears after the match. Different cricketers, celebrities, familiar figures showed sympathy and praised our cricket team for their outstanding performance throughout the tournament.

But before looking at the test, you might want to read two pages of introduction, which explores:. Thus some form of marriage has been around for several thousand years.

If we have been looking for a man or woman with whom to spend our lives, we have imagined an ideal Mr. Right or Ms. And we might be sexually attracted to him or her. But the marriage decision itself is more rational and organized than either romantic love or sexual response. Looking for a life-partner involves compatibilities of personalities and purposes, which do not always correspond with our romantic and sexual responses.

Marriage is a more practical affair. We need to know whether the potential spouse has any bad habits that would make it difficult to live with him or her. If we have decided that we are going to spend most of our adult lives married to one man or one woman, we have built up some clear ideas about what kind of man or woman that should be. We see such men or women married to others.

And we hope that we will be able to find such a person for ourselves. The desire to get married is relatively easy to explain. It is the result of explicit instruction and example: We learn how people ought to behave when they grow up: We are supposed to find a good person to marry.

Marriage is a social phenomenon we can all understand. How often do all of these features arrive in the same person? The rational person may select for a spouse the one he or she can live with, even if their sex-life and their romantic feelings are not as intense as with other people, some of whom, of course, would not make good spouses. Familiarity is a feeling we share with all animals that live in groups.

If we have lived with someone in the same household for a few years, feelings develop that arise only from that specific relationship. These are similar to the feelings that develop in loving families. When the siblings get along well, they like to be together. Married or living-together couples develop familiarity with each other. And if their regular interactions make them both happy, they will want to continue to be together.

Poofi By Humayun Ahmed – Misir Ali series (Bengali Translation, PDF Book)

Good marriages and good long-lasting relationships can have a sense of a loving togetherness not based on the fantasy of romantic love, not based on the imprinted sex-scripts they had before they met, not based on their pre-existing ideas of who would be a good spouse. Being comfortable together is based in reality. From their past experience of being with each other, the partners know they like each other.

The fantasy of romance may be gone. The triggering of their sex-scripts may have been replaced by a special kind of sexuality that they could not have predicted before it actually happened between them.

And whatever prior expectations they had for a marriage partner has been replaced by real information about this particular person. One important part of familiarity is raising children together. Two people who have shared the trials and rewards of parenthood may develop feelings for each other that will never be repeated in any other relationship of their lives.

Romantic fantasies were invented about years ago in Medieval Europe. Since then these delusions have spread over the whole world.

And they regard it as a natural response, perhaps in part because they confuse it with 1 sex, 2 mate-selection, and 3 familiarity.

The Romantic Love Test is intended to highlight our romantic feelings, as defined in the 26 section-headings within the test. The following questions should help us determine whether our feelings correspond with the conventional experience of romantic love.

The scoring is explained at the end of the test. Before I met the one I now love, did I feel lonely? Did my present love begin shortly after the end of a previous love? Romantic love begins suddenly, creating instant intimacy.

Do I experience love as an emotion happening to me? Do I prefer not to know everything about the one I love? Do I have obsessive day-dreams about a distant love-object? Do I manufacture signs of love from almost nothing?

Do I sometimes spend hours pining for my secret love? Do I worry that my beloved does not care enough about me? Can I love only one person at a time? Do I sometimes try to create feelings of love? Do I sometimes confuse being in love with pretending to be in love? When I think of us together, does it sometimes seem like a fairy tale?

Am I clinging to an illusion, something that was never really there? Does love seem like a stage play already in progress: We slip into our costumes and begin to enact our ready-made roles? Have I found the lost half of my being? Do we merge with each other? Romantic love sometimes depends on manipulation.

Nishithini by Humayun Ahmed (Misir Ali-2)

Do I feel I am re-enacting a movie I once saw? Am I trying to reproduce a feeling of love that others have had? Do I sometimes float away in the rapture of love? Does love lift me into the clouds?In , the president of the country was assassinated by military officials and a few days later, the martial law was established.

They are not the student leaders rather power elites of our society. When I am in love nothing else matters. Inebriate ingqondo ukuthola into entsha uthando izinkondlo. Do I worry that my beloved does not care enough about me? He wrote over fiction and non-fiction books, all of which were bestsellers in Bangladesh.

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