Arthur Brisbane was a run-of-the-mill newspaperman, no better and no worse than a he receives free publicity in newspa. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy . The right of Sir Alex Ferguson to be identified as the Author of the Work has been SEVERAL years ago I began gathering my thoughts for this book, making.

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we live in a world very fast and impatient.. that is why our site is built.. it presents to you a big library of ebooks and from today you will not need. 3 days ago Alex Ferguson My Autobiography - [Free] Alex Ferguson My Autobiography [PDF] [EPUB] Early life. Born to Alexander Beaton Ferguson. Autobiography Sir Alex Ferguson [PDF] [EPUB] Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson CBE (born December ) is a Scottish former football.

This is something Ferguson discovered when his assistant manager Archie Knox suggested that, rather than running his training sessions, he should sit back and watch them. By stepping back and observing his players train from a distance, the details of their performance were less visible.


However, the overall patterns of their behavior, attitudes and energy levels suddenly became clear. Still, focusing on the details can be helpful, too. As the saying goes: know your enemy. Ferguson developed a system of closely watching and analyzing footage of opposing teams before a match. He zoomed in on the details and zoomed out to the broader picture, demonstrating that flexible observational skills are indispensable for any manager.

Leading Key Idea 2: Success is not possible without discipline and determination.

But is that really the key to their success? Not quite.

There are a lot of talented soccer players out there, which means a lot of competition. If you want to stay in the game, you need to sustain yourself. This is why discipline is so instrumental in achieving success. Ferguson is one of the toughest disciplinarians in soccer.

When he began his career as manager at Manchester United, he first tackled particular problem areas. Players used to wear clothes of any company that sponsored them, giving the team a rather unprofessional, money-grabbing look. Ferguson swiftly implemented a proper dress code to eliminate this.

Rules regarding haircuts and jewelry were also introduced, signaling to players that a lax attitude would not be tolerated. Discipline and determination go hand in hand, another attitude that players learned under Sir Alex. Take Cristiano Ronaldo, for example.


This determination is what allowed him to maintain such incredible discipline. Even today Ronaldo takes ice baths after every match and keeps his weight seven pounds below his optimal weight.

Strict measures such as these allow him to keep playing football at an incredibly high level despite his age. Leading Key Idea 3: Great managers and coaches! Like discipline and determination, preparation is another key factor ensuring top athletic performance. At Manchester United, the players who performed the best during a match were always the ones who had prepared the most. David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney were all known to stay late after training to perfect their free kicks.

In , David Beckham scored his now-infamous goal in a match against Wimbledon all the way from the halfway line.

Viewers thought it was a miracle, but for Beckham it was nothing more than a prepared piece! Fostering young talent is a long-term project.

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In the same way that young people begin as trainees at a corporation with the aim of working their way up to vice-president or CEO, a young player at Manchester United works their way up from the youth academy to the B team. From there, they can graduate to the A team, then to the reserve team, and ultimately, to the first-team squad. FC Barcelona takes a similar approach to training their young players. Here, the benefits of allowing young players to grow together over years are particularly clear.

Having trained together for so long, these players know each other extremely well and have an incredibly advanced and unpredictable passing game that stuns defenders! One great rule of thumb when it comes to managing a team is avoiding extremes.

Whether from unrealistic expectations or big personalities, extremes can damage the close bonds of a team.

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Keeping your team balanced prevent extremes from creating tension. A balanced team must have diversity and unity. They let sir alex ferguson book get on with the job. While recognising the interest payments aroused "protective feelings towards the club", he says that "at no stage did it translate into pressure to sell sir alex ferguson book player or excessive caution on the downloading front". Rooney, who has denied handing in a formal transfer requestallegedly came into Ferguson's office the day after the title-winning victory over Aston Villa and "asked away", with his agent Paul Stretford also calling David Sir alex ferguson book.

Sir Alex Ferguson Leadership

Ferguson responded that it was "none of his business". Ferguson likes younger people with a bit of sir alex ferguson book in them and he smiled to himself when he saw the manner in which Mourinho first announced himself at Chelsea as the "Special One".

Ferguson even admits that he went too far in his criticism of Mourinho after United had met his Porto team in the Champions League last first leg in Ferguson had been infuriated at Porto's diving but, in truth, he was more angry about sir alex ferguson book Keane had got himself sent off. When Porto knocked United out in the Old Trafford returnFerguson found a way to congratulate Mourinho and they shared a glass of wine, which became something of a post-match tradition.

Ferguson writes that he found the wine appalling sir alex ferguson book Stamford Bridge and he told Roman Abramovich so. Sir alex ferguson book following week, he took delivery of a case of Tignanello from the Russian.

But the chapter veers away from Mourinho, as Ferguson discusses a range of topics from George Best to the desire of Nemanja Vidic to enlist for the Kosovo conflict and his personal transfer errors, sir alex ferguson book among them Kieran Richardson, Eric Djemba-Djemba, William Prunier and Ralph Milne.

There had been expectation that Ferguson would discuss why he did not advance Mourinho as his Old Trafford successor, but there is no mention of the subject in this chapter. This time exaggerating his criticism of a few individuals, especially Liverpool's Steven Gerrard.

He wrote 'And I am one of the few who felt Gerrard was not a top, top player. When Scholes and Keane were in our team, Gerrard seldom had a kick against us. Going along with the criticism of Gerrard, the media also chose to highlight his criticisms of other individuals.He alsoshares his thoughts on the psychology ofmanagement and his passions and interests outside of the game. Instead, figure out what you did wrong and learn from it. Leading Key Idea 5: Presence and praise are powerful tools to get the best out of your players.

Ferguson recognized that his presence itself was a motivating factor. Ferguson even admits that he went too far in his criticism of Mourinho after United had met his Porto team in the Champions League last first leg in Ferguson had been infuriated at Porto's diving but, in truth, he was more angry about sir alex ferguson book Keane had got himself sent off.